Students react to new president

Stevenson University will soon welcome its sixth president, Elliot Hirshman, Ph.D. The Board of Trustees at Stevenson is pleased with their decision and will assist Hirshman as he officially begins July 1, 2017.

Elliot Hirshman, Ph.D., will begin his tenure as Stevenson University’s sisth president on July 1, 2017.

Hirshman previously served as president of San Diego State University since 2011. When former Stevenson president Kevin J. Manning Ph.D, retired towards the end of 2016, Stevenson’s Claire E. Moore stepped into the gap as interim president and will remain until Hirshman begins in July.

With so much change in the university, students are quick to express their views on the transition. Many students have expressed positive thoughts about  Hirshman and his progressive attitude. During his presidency at SDSU, he raised more than $755 million in private philanthropy for scholarships and new initiatives and programs. Stevenson’s vision for the university corresponds with Hirshman’s own aspirations.

Student ambassador Matthias Ojo said, “It’s a wonderful transition for Stevenson. President Manning did an amazing job in putting the school in an excellent position to move forward and expand under President Hirshman’s conducting.”   Ojo added that he would like to see the population expand, with new buildings and campuses. “It’s only right for our population to grow as well,” he said.

Student ambassador Gary Moritz said, “Dr. Manning was a good president for our school. He was able to give more to the school in terms of adding new additions to the campuses and adding new sports teams to bump up our enrollment.” He added, “I want our new president to really focus on growth. Now that Stevenson has made a name for itself, now it’s time to build up the total population.”

James Lauer of the class  of ’17, said, “Hopefully the new president will be interactive with the students and build our population up to a point where we are more regularly recognized.”

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