Savings can lead to a sun-sational summer

Summer is just around the corner, with vacations, family trips, and amusement parks just waiting to consume your money.  The following tips will keep extra money in your pockets without sacrificing your fun.

High temperatures sometimes mean tight budgets. Following these simple tips can help you save money over the summer (Photo from

Many may think saving money during the summer can be very difficult. You might be surprised how much you can save while enjoying summer to the fullest. First, cut out all excess driving. If you are going somewhere with family or friends, leave your car behind as much as possible. If you are going somewhere local, consider riding a bike. Gas prices tend to go up in the summer months because there are more people on the road. If you drive less, you can save money by carpooling or consolidating many short trips into one longer one.

Another tip: check for coupons before you go anywhere. If you are going to an amusement park, check some websites to see if there are any coupons on tickets available. You can usually get a good discount at most places if there are four or more people going. If your family visits amusement parks regularly, suggest looking into a season pass whose cost is equivalent to attending that same park two or three times. So if you go there more than three times during the summer, you’re basically getting in free.

Use Groupon. It’s easy to sign up, and the deals are amazing. Laser tag at Ultrazone is half-price now, for instance, and go-kart racing and Mini Golf in White March are 64 percent off — just a few examples of ways to cut your expenses. Another simple way to save money is by collecting spare change. The Five Dollar Challenge means saving each $5 bill lying around and by the end of the year see how much money you have.

Finally, cut down on eating out. When traveling, try your best to go with healthier options and make your own food at home.  If you bring sandwiches, salads, and other snacks, you can save yourself a pretty penny. You can also set a budget for your money. When you know you are going out, bring a predetermined amount of cash and leave all credit cards at home. This will teach you how to save your money for more important things.

There are different ways to be creative and save your money this summer; these are only just a few starters. Live your summer to the fullest but spend your money wisely.

~ Villager news editor Ke’ra Thomas contributed to this article.

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