Start 2016 with determination

When the new year starts, don’t get left behind in the old one. Every year there’s a chance to start over and make new goals, or continue towards a long-term goal. Last year may have started off on the wrong foot; maybe grades and performance were less than desired.

(Villager file photo)
(Villager file photo)

But that does not mean giving up. It’s all about pushing forward and looking forward. 2016 is the year to change everything around. Students should go into the new year being determined that they can finish the rest of the semester strong, setting goals and understanding strengths and weaknesses to succeed.

Stay organized. Organization is hard to maintain, especially managing a work-life balance. Having that balance will allow students to remain calm and have a better work ethic when applied to school work.

Limiting distractions will also help students finish the semester strong. As a college student, there is so much to do around campus or in your personal life. In order to succeed, though, remember what is most important and what can be done another time. Assignments and tests may seem momentary, but they demand attention in order to reach that long-term goal of good grades.

Communicate with your teachers. This will help you finish the semester strong. They are there to help, so if you don’t understand something, ask questions. There is never a wrong question, and speaking up shows that you are engaged and you care about understanding the material. Communicating with your teachers isn’t a bad thing, for most teachers want to hear from their students. When teachers see that you are dedicated and serious, most will do what they can to help you.

By communicating, limiting distractions, and organizing your work-life balance, you can get on the right track to finishing the semester strong. Who cares about what happened last year? This is the year to fix wherever you lacked. As Albert Einstein stated, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It’s a new year: make the changes needed to finish the semester strong.