Business writing faculty hosts panel

School of Business

The School of Business hosted a virtual panel of four speakers discussing the topics of business communication and careers on April 23, 2021.

Professor Kim Burns organized the panel of four speakers that included Gerry Sandusky, author, Emmy-award winning sportscaster and the voice of the Baltimore Ravens; Rebecca Klein and Keith Scott, founders of TALLsmall productions, and Michael Harrison, employee for the Department of Labor.

Stevenson University’s School of Business on the Owings Mills campus.

Throughout the class, speakers discussed their roles in their respective careers and their journeys towards their routes of success. Students were able to ask questions about their career goals and solicited career advice on life after college. “One thing I’ve learned over the years is if you just keep showing up, you’ll eliminate 90 percent of the competition, because they’ll get tired, they’ll get fatigued, and they won’t want to keep showing up,” Sandusky said.

The speakers also discuss how you handle yourself in the workplace as well as being able to adjust in an organization. Panelists also encouraged students to be outgoing and to not let their fears interfere with their futures or discourage them as they grow into their careers.

On the importance of the business writing class, Sandusky said, “Learn to love the English language and learn how flexible it is; learn the magnificence of using just the right word in just the right moment in just the right way. Because it is just as beautiful as a Mozart symphony. And language continues to grow.”

Students benefitted from this very interactive panel via BlueJeans whereby panelists shared their experiences with students, provided life lessons, and answered specific questions about their fields.

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