Club sports participation increases

Over the past five years, club sports has grown from a small, informal program to a well-organized opportunity for students to participate in a college sport.


Club volleyball team picture. (Photo courtesy of Jordyn Smith)

Matt Grimm, the director and founder of the program in 2012, wanted to provide a “rich experience for college students.” He participated on a men’s club volleyball team in college and said that “the best memories were from being on the team.” Grimm hoped to “create programs for students to find their place within the teams as well as within Stevenson.”

With an increase in popularity, the number of club sports offered has risen to 11 teams with potentially more in the near future. The 11 teams that are currently offered include baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, two cheer teams, dance, field hockey, men’s lacrosse, women’s soccer, softball and women’s volleyball.

Club sports are based purely on student interest. If a large group of students wants a specific sport not offered, they can request it to be legitimized.

Many of the teams themselves are also growing. With the large incoming freshman class, most teams doubled in size.  Directors have had to create an A team and a B team due to their extreme popularity, according to Grimm. The majority of the teams will be hosting home tournaments this year, a change from traveling to many other campuses in years past.

Senior Jordyn Smith will be playing her final year on the women’s club volleyball team.

“I love playing on the team because I have met some of the most amazing people through club volleyball,” Smith said.

Smith joined club volleyball because it gave her the opportunity to play a sport that she loves and still have time to be involved with other clubs and organizations as well.

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