Happy hour preps seniors about life

The Senior Class Council and the Office of Alumni Relations will host a senior happy hour called ‘Know Before You Go’ on May 1 from 6-8:30 p.m.

Originally called Adulting 101, the event will teach Stevenson seniors more about life after graduation. Alumni will also attend, giving students advice on networking and ways of approaching professionals.

Companies will also be in attendance to give tips on leasing a car, finances, health and wellness and insurance.

“[The 2016 Senior Class Council] had concerns about some of those adulting experiences that they didn’t necessarily feel as prepared for. They lived with their families most of their lives, then came to the comfort of Stevenson. When they go out on their own, they have to rent an apartment and potentially understand how to lease a car or get their first job, and they have to go through all this [human resources] paperwork, and someone is going to tell them to contribute to their 401K or their retirement at the age of 22. It might not make sense as to why they should be doing that,” said Allison Humphries, assistant director of alumni relations and an alum from the class of 2011.

The happy hour is meant to be an organic networking event only for seniors. Those who are 21 or older will be able to drink alcoholic beverages at this event and learn how to handle themselves at a networking happy hour.

“This is definitely something I’m interested in,” said senior Dana Girouard, who will graduate this summer. Girouard added that she has been in school for years, but never had the chance to take a class on taxes or other adulting things that will be important.

“I feel like it would be helpful to know how to do other things, like getting a car loan, so I can stress less and focus more on graduate school,” said Rachael Steelman, who is preparing for graduation in December.

‘Know Before You Go’ will also include other on-campus offices, including representatives from Stevenson’s graduate school, Career Services, security, and the alumni office. The graduate school will be ready to talk to students about pursuing a Master’s degree, Career Services will discuss resources that graduates can use, security will be creating alumni identification cards and the alumni office will talk about what it means to be a member of the alumni association.

The alumni association board has 29 members that represent different class years, majors, and industries. Between 15 and 20 of them will attend this event to talk with students and answer questions.

“When this idea was brought to [the alumni office], immediately my supervisor and I said, ‘Can we come?’” said Humphries.

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