Leadership scholars host virtual slumber party

Stevenson University’s Leadership Scholars program hosted its first ever virtual slumber party on Feb. 25. The event was led by Dr. Maria Wong, director of the Leadership Scholarship program, and was open to all freshmen leadership scholars.

Stevenson University’s Leadership Scholars hosted its first ever virtual slumber party (Photo from Emily Pellini).

According to Wong, the event served as an opportunity for students to check-in with one another in a low-key and relaxing environment. Students were encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and bring their own snacks. In addition, attending students had the opportunity to meet Wong’s two daughters, Chloe and Emma, who also joined the call. “At first, I was a little worried that they [Chloe and Emma] might be interrupting too much, but then I later realized that my students enjoyed interacting with them,” said Wong. “Yes, I am a professor, but I am also a mom and a wife, and this showed my students that it is possible to do well in all areas.”

After the event, Wong asked all attendees to complete a questionnaire and provide feedback on the virtual slumber party. All students responded that these casual events help establish beneficial connections with their professors, fellow leadership students and the Leadership Scholars program in general.

Freshman Business Communication student, Shannon O’Hara, said she attended the event to catch up with Wong and other students involved with the program. “Connectivity is something I really desire considering how COVID-19 has impacted my first two semesters at Stevenson University.” O’Hara also mentioned the event gave her an opportunity to reconnect with friends and make connections with other leadership students.

“I hope that students feel more connected with each other, me and the leadership program, and I am grateful that technology allows us to stay connected despite the pandemic,” said Wong. She also mentioned that she plans to host the slumber party in person after COVID-19 and would like to include sophomore, junior and senior leadership students in the future.

For more information on the leadership scholars program and future leadership events, visit https://www.stevenson.edu/admissions-aid/scholars/leadership/.

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