Magic show to reveal secrets

They say real magicians never reveal their secrets. However, the American Chemical Society (ACS) will reveal what really goes on behind the curtains during its annual magic show on Friday, Nov. 4, at 1 p.m. in the chemistry demonstration room, S136, in the Owings Mills North Academic Center.

acsThe event hopes to attract freshman and sophomore chemistry and biochemistry majors. ACS hosts these magic events to show students that chemistry can be fun. It’s a new approach to build interest in learning different things.

Dr. Will Harrell, one of the moderators of the ACS club, said, “If you want to see the magic, come on out!” The magic show will include 11 different experiments, which will each be conducted by different members of the ACS club. During the fall semester, students in the club prepare the experiments they would like to show.


There will be another showing of the ACS magic show at the Maryland Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Festival (STEM Festival) on Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. This is an opportunity for several different colleges and universities who have ACS clubs to share their work. For first-year students, these can simply be fascinating tricks with chemistry. The STEM festival actually offers these magic shows and technical trials for the community, enabling children to see how things work during these creative experiments.

“Children viewing the show will be able to see math and science are fun — it can be challenging and difficult, but also fun,” said Harrell. Exposing children, first-year and sophomore college students to new things such as chemical magic can help build curiosity in new things.


Although it is too late to be a contributor to the magic show this fall, an ACS membership is always possible for those interested in next year’s event. The magic show is held annually in the fall. Membership can be obtained by emailing the ACS at or by attending one of the club meetings. Officers of the club will reply to anyone interested in the club. Harrell encourages students to come to the magic show to see if this is something of interest. Club meeting times are not yet finalized; email is the best way of getting guaranteed meeting arrangements.

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