MAP to host new Trips Week

Mustang Activities and Programming (MAP) will sponsor Trips Week beginning on Tuesday, Nov. 15. Trips Week includes various affordable trips to places in the region. Events this year include a trip to the National Aquarium, the Great Wolf Lodge in Pocono Mountains, a movie theater to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and a bowling alley.


Stevenson University students visit Hershey Park. (Photo courtesy of Hope Miller)

All of the trips are offered at a reduced cost, so that students do not have to spend too much money. Trips can be purchased separately, so students can go on one, or they can go on all four trips. A limited number of guests are allowed to attend Trips Week, but guest tickets are not offered at the same reduced cost.

The purpose of the trips is for students to meet new people and have fun off campus. Many students attend these trips, but the number of spots depends on the cost for the actual event. More expensive travel and locales generally means a fewer number of students attending. Prices for this year’s trips range from $5-$45, depending on the trip.

Although MAP typically sponsors trips every semester, this year it is the first time that the group has put together an entire week for outings.

According to Hope Miller, the assistant director of student activities, “MAP has been taking these trips for 10 to 12 years and likely more.” She also attends these trips, and if she cannot, another Student Activities staff member does. For the popular trips, Student Activities will reserve extra tickets in the future.

Trips Week is coming up fast, so for more information, students can like Mustang Activities and Programing Board (MAP) on Facebook, and follow @mapatsu on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. The Stevenson Portal and Student Activities Facebook Page also has information. An official announcement of the events will offer opportunities for students to win free trip tickets.

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