Oct. 6, 2016

If you find $916 million, please contact Donald J. Trump. He is not sure where he lost it, probably in an Atlantic City gambling establishment. He has looked everywhere for the nearly $1 billion dollars and would like to get it back in case he Peoplearesayinghas to pay back taxes or fines for lawsuits stemming from mismanagement of his family foundation and his “University.” Supporters say this shows that he is brilliant. If he started a nuclear war that would probably prove that he is a genius. – – Alex

Is the Cold War returning?

On Monday morning United States officials announced that the cease fire in Syria has ended and bilateral talks between the United States and Russia have been suspended. Talks between the two countries came to a close after the United States lost patience with Russia’s constant failure to comply with the agreements they had promised. Secretary of State John Kerry told the media that the deciding factor was Russian and Syrian forces’ intensified attacks on civilian areas in Aleppo. Russian and Syrian forces focused on attacking hospitals, community gathering places, and the prevention of aid to the citizens of Aleppo. – – Matt

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