Pre-registration for fall arrives

As the 2016 fall semester comes to an end it is now time to prepare for registration

As the 2016 spring semester nears its end, it is time for students to begin preparing to register for the upcoming fall semester. (Photo by Anthony Bunn)

As spring semester comes to an end and the weather heats up, summer vacation plans are on everyone’s mind. However, so is registration for next fall. With new courses and a brand new building on Owings Mills North, preregistration is certain to be different.

With a new semester come new courses. Two new courses will be available in the Film and Moving Image department, including Feature Film Writing (FMI 411) and Sound Design (FMI 441). In the business department, Social Entrepreneurship (MGT 323) will be offered as a management course. Writing for IS Application (IS 365) and Society and the Environment (ENV 150), two new SEE-certified courses, have been introduced into the information systems and the environmental science departments. With biology adding a Mammalian Nutrition (BIO 425) course and theater adding a Design and Collaboration (THEA 410) class, there will be plenty of interesting and new choices.

Students still need 12 credits each semester to remain full-time. Detailed information regarding Winterim for January of 2017 will be emailed out within the next week and will also be available on the Portal.

An exciting aspect of next semester could be the new building opening at Owings Mills North. With this opening, each school will now have a “home campus.” The School of Education and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences will remain on Greenspring, and the School of Business will remain at Owings Mills. Lastly, the School of Design, the School of Health Professions and the School of the Sciences will be on Owings Mills North.

Erica Gryctz, associate registrar, said, “Students can expect courses in their major to be scheduled on their home campus.” Gryctz added that “several general education/SEE courses will be scheduled at each campus to help reduce the need to travel back and forth among campuses.”

Some changes in the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule are imminent. While classes on these days had, in previous semesters, ended at noon, now they will end at 2 p.m. Monday-Wednesday afternoon classes will begin after 2.

The Registrar’s Office urges students to constantly check their email and meet with their advisors to ensure they create workable schedules.

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