Campus Pop-Up Art promotes creativity

Campus Pop-Up Art promotes creativity

Pop-Up Art is a campus-wide initiative of diverse art forms with collaboration among on-campus departments and programs. Over 20 events at seven possible locations, including the Manning Academic Center, the Dell Family Pathway, Rockland Hall, Garrison Hall, the Owings Mills apartment quad, the Mustang Room, and the Greenspring quad, will occur this semester.

Pop-Up Art is a campus-wide initiative that is bringing awareness about various forms of art. Pop-Up Art can be found in seven different locations on campus. (Photo by Hailey Bedford)

“I am working with a committee to help build these programs for the purpose of orienting student perspectives. Pop-Up Art is a campus-wide art initiative that tries to bring acts and art activities to the students.  Its sole purpose is awareness, attention to an event, and student attendance,” said Amanda Hostalka, dean of the School of Design.

The primary goals consist of awareness of various art forms, promotion of art, enhancement of educational programming of students and overall encouragement and expansion for students, faculty, and staff.

This art initiative incites creativity in the students, and improves the campus community at Stevenson, according to Hostalka.  This type of art enables students and staff to experience new opportunities outside of traditional settings. Pop-Up Art builds stronger communities while partnering with Student Activities and co-curricular programs for the enjoyment of students, faculty, and staff.

Some Pop-Up Art ideas include workshops, orchestral and theatrical performances, creative writing, film screenings, dance and student activities, creative conversations, visual and public art forms and fashion design/modeling.

“Participatory art projects ask audiences what something is to them.  The idea of performance is that it can happen anytime, any place for any reason just to start a conversation.  We think of art as something separate from our daily lives that we try to connect with,” said Hostalka.

President Elliot Hirshman introduced the idea of Pop-Up Art and encouraged faculty, students, and staff to participate.

“Bringing art to the people is the long history along with the idea being a special place with special work performances.  New additions are welcome as they are constantly looking for people to integrate art with new suggestions,” said Hostalka.