Spotlight: Cam Harris

Spotlight: Cam Harris

Cam Harris is a 21-year-old freshman at Stevenson from Aberdeen, Scotland, who, at 6’2″, plays guard for the Mustangs’ basketball team.

Harris’ parents are both doctors; his mother is a pathologist, one of the top doctors in Europe. His father is a general practitioner and also among the top in his field. His older brother graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a master’s degree in engineering.

Harris started playing basketball around the age of 12, and joined a competitive league the next year. Harris played on both the U16 and U18 (Under 16 and Under 18) Scotland National teams and has won many awards in his young lifetime. Coming from Scotland where the most popular sport is soccer it is a true testament of his love for basketball. To travel overseas, leaving his family to play a game that he loves, is an indication of his passion.

However, getting to America was not easy. Harris had help from one of his coaches in Scotland who knew people in the States who could help the young basketball player. Making that leap from a country where basketball is the second or maybe the third sport, to a country where it is the top sport, demanded some adjustments from Harris. The game of basketball in Scotland is “much slower and less athletic,” said Harris.

Since Harris arrived in the United States, there are a number of things that have required adjustment. The primary language in Scotland is English, but with a much different dialect and tone. Harris had to adjust to not having his family close by. Once again that is a true testament not only to his love and passion for the game, but for his own character and desire. He had to transition from a high school student reliant on his parents to one who is almost totally independent. He has picked up some playing time off the bench in eight games for the Mustangs this season, and will continue to improve.

Harris is one of the most resilient, reliable and dedicated people. He has crossed international borders to pursue a dream that he has always had, and has shown himself to be a dedicated student-athlete adjusting well to an intercultural life.