Swim team grows in second year

The Stevenson University swim team continues to perform and set records as they approach the end of their second season.

As the team preps for their last meet, the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) in York, Penn., they are focused on bringing home the title. The MAC championships begin Feb. 11.

The team works hard throughout the year without any breaks until their last meet. At this time, it is extremely important for the student athletes to relax. By tapering down practices, the team is able to get the rest they need. Coach John Stuhltrager said, “The rest is very specific, and we use heart rates to determine the level of fatigue. It has been very effective in helping our team swim very fast at the end of the year.”

Stevenson’s women’s team won their Jan. 30 meet against Gallaudet University, 139-55. Freshman Julianna Burnett had three individual victories on the women’s side. The men posted a loss to the Washington, D.C.-based team, 88-77.

Photo courtesy of Sabina Moran
Photo courtesy of Sabina Moran

“Our team has grown, not just in number, but in connecting with one another,” said junior Elizabeth Kamosa.

“I think they’ve worked harder and pushed themselves more than they ever thought they could. I think they’ve grown as a team and as individuals,” said Stuhltrager.

Although the end of the season is approaching, the team still has work to do and has already begun defining their goals for next year. The swimmers are focused on setting the bar even higher. Stuhltrager looks forward to the current swimmers building some strength in the weight room during the off-season. They also plan on recruiting new athletes to help complement the swimmers who are already on the team. Next season, Stuhltrager hopes the returning swimmers will assist the rookies in their transition, teaching them strong values such as hard work and dedication.

Prospective students have also been coming to Stevenson University to learn more about the team. Recruits spend the night, attend practices, watch matches and meet team members.

As they strive for greater times and an overall win at their last meet, the team is ready to face a spring without early morning practices – at least for a little while.