Helping the community during pandemic

2020 has been a historic year so far, with the COVID-19 pandemic closing schools, college campuses, businesses, and many places people used to gather.

The new norm of social distancing has been implemented by the government and many health experts to help stop the spread of the virus. To help get acquainted with this new norm of living, here are some tips for helping others during this trying time.

The Maryland Food Bank offers meals to those in need keeping them fed and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic (Photo from

One way to help others during this time is to start a virtual food drive. According to journalist Kaitlyn Pacheco, “The best and easiest way to donate nonperishable food items to Marylanders in need is through a virtual food drive. Here’s how it works: Start by creating a no-boxes-needed drive through Maryland Food Bank’s website, fill your ‘cart’ with desired donations (examples include everything from canned vegetables and fruits to milk and brown rice), and then share your page with your friends, family, and social media circle. The Maryland Food Bank will fill your ‘shopping list’ and provide all donations to local families that are food-insecure.”

Another caring gesture that could be offered is to donate blood to those in need. With this pandemic, according to Governor Larry Hogan, “Area hospitals are facing an emergency blood shortage and are in need of donations from healthy individuals. Visit the Red Cross website to check your eligibility, find a nearby blood drive location, and make an appointment to give back to patients in need.”

The American Red Cross is looking for volunteers to donate blood for those in need (Photo taken from American Red Cross).

Those who want to help others might consider participating in online preparedness courses. For example, the Howard County Public Health Preparedness Program (PHEP) offers information in cooking without power, food safety, heat emergency awareness, emergency kit preparation, mosquito control and much more.

Another kind gesture that could help others during this time of need is to stay inside and limit contact with the public. Staying home reduces the risk of spreading and catching COVID-19. This simple gesture can go a long way in the fight against COVID-19 and can help save a lot of lives.

Helping fellow Marylanders has taken many forms as a result of the pandemic. Marylanders Serving Marylanders is an organization that offers volunteers the chance to “check in, give back, and stay home.” The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and Meals on Wheels can always use healthy and careful volunteers for those experiencing food shortages and other emergencies. Additionally, instructions for DIY cloth face coverings can be found on the internet, and many organizations are in need. No sewing experience is necessary!

These basic tips can be easily put to work, and can help many people during this struggling pandemic. Hopefully these tips are useful and can help someone in need during this pandemic.