Take some “me time” for positive mental health


With nearly a month left in the semester and the holidays quickly approaching, students at Stevenson University are looking forward to the much-anticipated winter break. However, also quickly approaching are final exams, grades, and unnecessary stress. 

With a hectic school or work schedule and a global pandemic progressing, students can feel overwhelmed, almost as if there is too much to do and not enough time. Therefore, it is especially important to be cognizant of one’s mental health.

Below are some tips from the Mental Heath Foundation to help your mental heath.

Keeping active and eating well not only contributes to one’s physical health but to one’s mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation, regular exercise can boost self-esteem and improve overall sleep and concentration. Exercise keeps the brain and vital organs healthy. Therefore, according to the Mental Health Foundation, the brain needs a variety of nutrients in order to stay healthy and function, 

Keeping up with friends and family is also crucial. While it may not always be possible to meet with someone face to face, simply calling them or sending them a text can help relieve stresses. According to the Mental Health Foundation, staying in touch with others makes them feel included and cared for. Working on relationships that make people feel loved is very beneficial.

Taking a break from work and studies may go without saying, but it is often overlooked. Stopping and relaxing for any amount of time, gives the mind a break. Students should remember to listen to their body; if they are tired, they should get some sleep. Inadequate sleep is not good and can eventually catch up with a person. Take some “me time,” refresh, and then get back to work.

Students should take time for things they enjoy doing. Reflection after engaging in positive activities is important. Enjoying oneself helps beat stress according to the Mental Health Foundation. If someone enjoys it, they are more than likely good at it, therefore boosting their self-esteem. Focusing on something new can not only change a someone’s mood but also help them forget their worries. 

Visit the Wellness Center to utilize all of the resources for
health-related issues. (Photo by Kaitlyn Rollyson)

Lastly, ask for help, whether it’s from a professional or a family member. Students often feel better when talking to someone no matter who it is. Communicating helps to relieve stress and shows students that many of their peers are feeling the same exact way. If students are looking for a listening ear on campus, the Stevenson University Wellness Center provides counseling services for all students and can be found in the Caves Building.