New library construction scheduled for 2021

New library construction scheduled for 2021

During the pandemic, construction had come to a halt for the new library construction on Owings Mills North campus across from the School of Design.

The design plan includes a brand-new library structure that will provide the expansion of classrooms, as well as offices. Stevenson received a $2,000,000 dollar naming gift from the Philip A. Zaffere Foundation for the new library. John Buettner, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communication, said, that “this is one of the largest charitable gifts that the university has received.” Thus, the library is planned to be named the A. Zaffere Foundation Library as a result of this donation.

Library rendering. (Photo from Stevenson website).

The construction was previously scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2020 but was postponed due to COVID-19. As to when the construction may begin, Buettner said, “We will communicate with students, faculty, and staff about any changes in traffic patterns at Owings Mills North as equipment or materials are moved to the construction site.”

Buettner has also stated that “students, as well as faculty, will benefit from having a library and associated learning, study, and research resources on the Owings Mills Campus, where the large majority of the university’s classes are now held.” Having another facility on campus will provide students and faculty places to gather together and connect in a new environment. The ability for students to have this space will make it simpler to get together for effective learning.

Melanie Edmondson, Stevenson’s Interim Vice President of Finance and CFO, said that construction crews “will break ground in the 3rd quarter of 2021 and expect an 18-month construction phase.” Edmondson also stated that the site is anticipated to be approximately 42,000-square-feet and includes parking on the premises.

New library rendering. (Photo from Stevenson website)

The new library will consist of offices, general use rooms for students, faculty, and staff. This will ensure that students have more spaces to study and hold group meetings for projects. Construction of the library is still currently in the design stage, which means that there could be accommodations and changes before or during construction.

Further information about this new addition will be provided in the next year when construction is scheduled to begin.