Orientation Leader positions are now available at SU

Student ambassadors and OWLs show prospective students what life is really like on campus. (Photo from Stevenson Universitys website)

Maximilian Franz

Student ambassadors and OWLs show prospective students what life is really like on campus. (Photo from Stevenson University’s website)

The Orientation Leader (OL) application is now open for Stevenson Mustangs to apply. The position would begin in the Fall semester of 2021 and last from Aug. 21 to Aug. 29. Students who aspire to work with others, have an encouraging spirit and enjoy using their people skills to help promote Stevenson are encouraged to apply.

(Photo from Stevenson University’s website)

Jenna Womack, Director of Student Activities, described OL’s as “a resource, role-model, and familiar face during the new students’ first few days at SU.” Candidates should be proud to attend Stevenson, have positive attitudes, work well with others and want to help new students.

Paige Adams, a junior nursing major and third year OL, joined the group because she could remember her first year on campus and how nervous she was. “I want to allow new students to feel comfortable and make new friends,” she added. It is the perfect opportunity to build your resume, find a sense of belonging and feel connected to the Stevenson community.

Photo of Jenna Womack.

Womack further explained that OL’s gain professional skills such as confidence, public speaking, leading a group, problem-solving, organization, and teamwork. Along with the learning opportunities, becoming an OL means receiving various kinds of compensation for volunteering at New Student Orientation. Compensation includes early move-in to residence halls, provided meals/flex dollars, community service and free OL training gear,like a shirt, water bottle orbag. OL’s must also go through a training process three to five days before New Student Orientation depending on how long they have been an OL.

Interviews for the OL will be held virtually this year due to COVID-19. If you are interested in applying to be an OL, click here.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Jenna Womack at [email protected].