Editorial: Hometown travel

Editorial: Hometown travel

Over fall break, I took a trip for my travel writing class to Jefferson County, West Virginia.  I went by myself, and I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to many people along the way, mostly locals who either volunteer in visitor centers or museums, or shop owners.

emily-featuredOne woman named Jenny, who co-owns a crafty storefront in downtown Shepherdstown with her dog, Bear, began talking about everything wonderful that one can experience in her hometown.  We soon began comparing her hometown with my own in Maryland, and remarked at the similarities.

When we were growing up, we longed for activities and things to do in our “boring” hometowns.  I always watched television shows and envied the kids who lived in neighborhoods with other children around, or in cities where they always had a new place to explore.

Since I have been in college, closer to the city and surrounded by hundreds of peers, I am now able to see the beauty in the place where I grew up.  When I am at school, I long to look out my bedroom window and see deer in our field, or to pick up a copy of our local paper and see that the top news from yesterday was that 12 cows broke loose and were running free across Route 140.

There are countless activities and ways to keep busy in my hometown, as well.  Sometimes I bring college friends to my hometown, and I cannot wait to show it off.  I love to take people to the downtown tea café, to our local museum and to scenic trails.

The majority of our hometowns, whether downtown Baltimore, rural West Virginia, suburban Maryland or anywhere in between, have a multitude of things to offer.

Right here at Stevenson, we have a backyard full of exciting history, arts and culture.  Baltimore is home to Fort McHenry, a crucial site in the War of 1812, and the location of the original “Star-Spangled Banner” that Francis Scott Key described in our national anthem.

The Appalachian Trail runs through the western part of our state, while locally, just down the street, is the Irvine Nature Center.  Battles of the Civil War were fought here.  We are the home to two amazing sports teams and to countless museums and galleries.

Exploration can take place just a few steps from your home.  Take advantage of everything that your hometown and Stevenson’s hometown has to offer.