Editorial: Healthy living is for a lifetime

Editorial: Healthy living is for a lifetime

Prior to exercising everyday on my Study Away trip to Hawaii, I had never understood the benefits to living a healthy and active life. As someone with two recent ankle surgeries and one back surgery, I had always believed in being lazy, but now that has all changed.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet have plenty of benefits to your overall health. For those who may be overweight, combining both of these efforts can lead to permannt weight loss. For those who are already fit, being active and eating healthy can reduce the risk of weight gain as you age.

According to LIVESTRONG, eating well consists of a combination of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Reducing sodium, saturated fats and
sugar can also aid to protecting against heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some types of cancer.

LIVESTRONG notes that there are three key factors that a healthy diet and regular exercise benefit: your energy, your moods and your diversification.

Certain foods within your diet can lead to maximizing your energy. Vitamins and nutrients are examples of healthy foods your body needs. Physical activity can also make you feel more energized. Higher energy levels can lead to being more alert in both physical and mental attributes.

Personally, I have learned how much exercise can help to improve my mood. According to LIVESTRONG, brain chemicals are stimulated during exercise that lead to happiness, relaxation and boosting of confidence.

There are various ways of changing up your exercise routine. Look on Pinterest for ideas, join a sports team, or set up activities with family members and friends.

Eating healthy also gives us opportunities to make our own meals. Cooking at home can lead to bonding if you all eat healthy meals together. Healthy eating can also include fun activities such as culinary classes and farmers’ market visits.

Working out everyday and eating healthy has made me feel like a whole new person. I have been able to see the results in my clothing and on the scale. Consider changing up your daily routines and daily food intake. Exercise and diet can lead to a dramatic difference in your lifestyle,your looks and your self-concept.