Women weigh in on new fitness class

Stevenson has added a new women’s group fitness class for faculty and students, called Women on Weights. This class invites participants at all levels of experience to learn new strength-training exercises using different-sized weights.

Tyler Didra, the fitness instructor for Women on Weights, has two years’ experience in personal training. (Villager file photo)

Women on Weights classes are held every Friday from 4-5 p.m. in the Stevenson Fitness Studio, located at Wooded Way on the Owings Mills campus. Student fitness instructor Tyler Didra leads the class.

According to Didra, the class was designed for women to have a safe space “because women often feel intimidated at the gym.”

“Women on Weights gives women a safe and supportive space to practice how to lift weights safely and learn numerous exercises,” added Didra.

Brightly colored beginner-level weights are easily recognizable for those starting a strength routine. Women who are at a more intermediate or expert level can use the heavier, black dumbbells. Dumbbell weights range from 2.5 pounds to 15 pounds.

Participants should arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow enough time to log in with their SU ID, set up an exercise mat, and choose the level of weights with which they are familiar. Clothing should be comfortable, such as shorts, yoga pants or sweat pants, and t-shirts or compression shirts.

Stretching is a very important step before getting ready to perform any type of exercise, so Didra begins with a quick stretching routine to help warm up the body and prevent injuries.

Students participate in a session in concentrated bicep curls. (Photo by Zaria Greene)

Once the stretching is finished, participants work with weights to strengthen different areas of the body, including arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. But the class is not entirely about weight exercises. Pushups, squats, and leg stretches are also incorporated into the session.

The atmosphere of the class is comfortable and welcoming. Nobody judges anyone else since all the women are there to improve their body and feel more confident about their appearance. The class is very uplifting and energetic, and a lively instructor like Didra makes the class extra special.

During the session, Didra plays upbeat songs loudly through the speakers to energize everyone. The music helps motivate participants to push through the pain and finish their exercise. Didra also boosts participants’ spirits with constant encouragement, telling everyone they are doing a good job and working very hard. Throughout each session, participants take short breaks to drink water and catch their breath after an intense workout.

Women on Weights is very helpful for women to become more confident about their bodies. For SU students and faculty looking for a way to improve their health through weekly fitness, attending this class every Friday is a solid choice.

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