Student health and wellness business evolves

Student health and wellness business evolves

Tyler Didra, a junior at Stevenson University, has run her own business for almost a year now, in hopes to help others live their best life.

Tyler Didra is a junior at Stevenson University. Evolve is her own health and wellness business for clients at any fitness level. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Didra)

Thus, Evolve was born.

According to Didra, Evolve is her own business where she is available 24/7 and can work with clients to create a personalized nutrition plan, a personalized fitness plan, recommend supplements, and work out with clients to help them become a better version of themselves. One of Didra’s client, junior Lauren Novsak, said, “She focuses just as much on my diet as we do on the workout. I have learned so much about clean eating from Tyler.”

Didra was not always into fitness. The need for fitness began with early health issues and multiple doctors. Her father later encouraged her to workout for the potential health benefits, and she began running to get into shape. The Stevenson junior wanted a program where “everything you need is in one place,” she said.  Her many health issues sparked an interest to help others with the same problems.

Another one of Didra’s clients, Caitlin Knight, said, “Tyler is absolutely amazing, for I have many physical disabilities; she was able to individualize workouts just for me to help me regain strength in areas I had lost due to my illness.”

Clients pay a fee for her services that can vary in price depending on the group size, and the prices can be flexible. According to Didra, the cost is half the price of most gyms because the work is about the person and not about the money. She also teaches yoga, weight lifting, and other practices for anyone who wants to learn. Knight said, “Some of my favorite sessions with Tyler include weight-training and HIIT routines.

Even though the business is “still getting off the ground,” according to Didra, and it is really hard to get noticed because her service is not offered in a gym, she has taken on two clients from Stevenson University and had experience teaching senior citizens at an area United Methodist Church.

Didra advertises her business on platfoms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as through professional business cards. “Instagram is the most interesting app,” she said, for it contains a lot of the information about Evolve. Facebook, however, contains information regarding the many fitness classes she teaches.