Student life goes mobile on new app

Student life goes mobile on new app

For students, staff and faculty who are wondering what is happening on campus but can’t find timely information, the new Student Activities app can help. A smart-phone application is now available for those at Stevenson University who want to access information about what’s happening on campus.

The new Student Activities App’s home screen shows students information regarding upcoming events. (Photo by Maya Murphy)

In addition to getting the “weekly scoop” emails from Student Activities, students can now get information in a more accessible manner with the new “Student Activities” mobile app, available for iPhone as well as Android users.

The application was developed by Stevenson’s digital marketing team along with students who work in the Student Activities office. The app itself has been in the works since October, 2016. Now, it is finally ready for use.

“The app allows students to get information and reminders about upcoming events, watch videos related to student life at Stevenson, and have quick access to SU resources,” said Jenna D’Onza, assistant director of Student Activities. She added, “This semester, we piloted “coupons” for two of our trips that allowed students with the app to get a discount on their MAP (Mustang Activities and Programming) trip purchases.” That was a successful initiative that will continue during the spring semester.

Upon opening the app, there is an “events” block in the center that includes an updated list of all that’s going on for students on campus, with a description of each. A dining calendar, student life videos, and other resources are also available through the app. With its ease of use, the app is accessible for just about any kind of activity. Clubs and organizations are also represented through the app, divided into three categories: SGA (Student Government Association), Commuters, and MAP. Clicking on each category will take users to each group’s social media sites as well.

The digital marketing team within Student Activities is also looking into a “Loyalty” feature on the app where users can earn rewards for attending different events on campus. At the moment, those in the Student Activities office are looking forward to using the app and developing it further. For more information regarding the app,  contact Olivia Hare, one of the marketing assistants, or Student Activities.