Spring break offers chances to get away

Spring break offers chances to get away

With spring break just a few days away, many students are gearing up for their extended time off. However, there are still some students left who may not have plans or are looking for last-minute places to go. There are a few college budget-friendly deals that students can snag and still enjoy themselves. Here are a few suggestions:

Students can enjoy a trip to nearby Soldier’s Delight during their spring vacation. (Photo from TripAdvisor)

Road trips are a great way for students to travel and explore what’s already close to their town. Students can take just a little money on a road trip and still enjoy themselves. Driving to another state can be relaxing, especially with friends.

Become a tourist in your own town. Many students who are locals may not have even toured their towns before. It may be interesting to go sightseeing and visit must-see spots that may have been under their nose all along. Consider local parks, or travel to Washington to see the cherry blossoms in bloom.

Renting a place with friends on Airbnb can be another option. Staying in a hotel with others can add up really fast, but short rentals offer other options.

Visiting friends at other colleges is also another suggestion. This is still another way to go sightseeing in another town, but the good thing is these friends can also be great tour guides. It also may be fun to see old familiar faces and catch up.

Staycations can also be relaxing if you stay home and catch up on sleep. This is the best option if you want to save money. This can also be a great way to save money for an even bigger vacation during summer break.

Utilizing family and friends’ resources can be another alternative. Find a cabin or timeshare that someone may be willing to rent out. Maybe there’s a family member or friend willing to loan for free.

Beach getaways are the best way to get out and enjoy some sun. Pack up a cooler with drinks, sandwiches, grab a few beach balls, and have yourself a blast. Within three hours’ drive from Owings Mills, there are over five dozen beaches available.

A visit to a theme park can make a vacation exiting and fun. (Photo from savoringthegood.com)

Theme-park trips are another way to relieve stress. Roller coasters may provide thrill-seekers some fun. Consider Hershey Park, Six Flags America, King’s Dominion, Adventure Park USA, or any of the Ocean City parks.

Nature retreats are the best way to unwind. Students can find inner peace, and explore nature up close and personal. Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, for example, is less than five miles from the Owings Mills campus.

There are many more options available, but remember that ideas and accommodations aren’t limited to expensive hotels or traditional vistas.