Apps help busy college students succeed

As college students, it is easy to get lost in the immense amount of work that is assigned throughout each semester. Luckily, a variety of apps are available to college students to lend a hand with the daily struggles of college life, including organizing schedules, studying, avoiding distractions and budgeting.

Any.Do AppOrganization is one of many keys to success in college. According to Consumer Reports, the app Any.Do is a planner for your phone that allows for reminders to be set for tasks in your calendar, to share events and tasks with contacts and sync the Any.Do app with other devices, such as your laptop or tablet.

Another organizational app available for download is Planners Studious. The practical features of Planners Studious, said Consumer Reports, is that it allows users to add their class schedule, homework due dates, notes and pictures. The app can even silence the user’s phone during scheduled class times.

At some point during your college career, you will have to study, so why not make it exciting? One app to help with that is StudyBlue. Lifehack recommends this app because it allows students create study materials that are fun to use. states that their app “provides intelligent learning tools including flashcards, notes, study guides and more that empower more than 10 million students to study smarter.” Another handy studying app on the market is InstaGrok. According to Lifehack, this app lets you research a topic of your choice and use the information to create a “customizable concept map” that can be used for effective studying.

RefMe 2Any student that has made a bibliography knows that it can be a confusing and tedious task. The U.S. News and World Reports noted a useful app for college students called RefMe. In this app, users can scan the barcode of a book or copy and paste a URL, select a citation style and generate citations in APA, MLA, Chicago and AP Style. This app will help you organize your references for any project or research paper.

For college students, distractions are as frequent as the common cold, so Lifehack listed an app called SelfControl as one that a college student should download onto their device. SelfControl helps students to avoid distractions by blocking social media and other websites that the user adds to the app. Students can choose the amount of time they’ll be studying for and the app conveniently blocks the websites and apps until the time expires.

Another conundrum faced by college students is budgeting not only time, but money as well. Mint is an app that takes the issue of budgeting your money out of your hands. Lifehack states that this helpful app “categorizes and organizes your expenses for you.” Mint can also organize your bills and other payments to ensure that you never miss a deadline.

Using these apps will make any college student successful during the semester. By organizing your academic and financial life, you will be able to relieve stress and have more free time friends, family and other activities.