New colors offer bright choices for spring

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Be a frontrunner in trendiness with bold, colorful hair without the commitment! With the spring quickly arriving, colorful hair is a great way to bring in the season with a statement for both men and women.

Ion, a brand of hair products that specializes in hair coloring, has a great line of semi-permanent hair color called Ion Color Semi-Permanent Brights. As the name implies, there are some great, bright, bold colors from which to choose.

These colors include Magenta, Red, Rose, Azure, Aqua, SkyBlue, Purple, Fuchsia, Lavender, Mint, SharkBlue, Salmon and Titanium. The best part is that they are semi-permanent, so you can try them all without a permanent commitment.

This kind of color is a great way for those who are nervous about coloring their hair to enjoy the trend of bold strands as well. The colors that Ion offers are all very trendy and relevant in the world of fashion. A great aspect of Ion Semi-Permanent Brights is that compared to traditional hair dye, the damage is nearly nonexistent. Therefore, experimentation with these cool colors is absolutely possible without the guilt of harming your natural hair.

The color itself has pretty good staying power, depending on which color you choose, how often you wash your hair and what products you use. The hair color is supposed to gradually fade over the course of a few weeks. The bold colors that Ion offers also do an outstanding job in staying true to the color advertised.Colored hair

Another wonderful bonus is that you can enjoy all of these hair colors without breaking the bank, because Ion is extremely affordable.

Even though the Ion Colors are semi-permanent, it can be hard to completely remove every bit of color that is left in the hair. That’s the main thing that Ion needs to improve. In addition, the fact that some colors last longer than others can be a pain, especially if the color you gravitate towards most happens to be one of the colors with less staying power.

Overall, for those who are interested in trying out the trend of bold hair color, Ion Color Semi-Permanent Brights is the way to go. It can be a great option for those who want to experiment with color, but are nervous about the results. Especially with spring approaching, a bold statement to greet the season might be just the thing. A great way to make such a statement this spring is with Ion.