Device helps keep track of health

Stay on top of health and fitness while living life every day with a gadget that can be worn as a wristband. Life can become hectic, and unfortunately fitness tends to take the back seat to daily activities when things get busy.

The Fitbit Charge helps busy users keep track of their health. (Photo from
The Fitbit Charge helps busy users keep track of their health. (Photo from

The Fitbit Charge is a wonderfully practical, comfortable and wearable activity tracker that allows users to track their activity and movements on the go.

The Charge isn’t the only Fitbit wristband model available. Other wristband models include the Flex, Alta, Charge HR, Blaze and Surge.

Unlike its predecessor, the Fitbit Flex, the Fitbit Charge allows users to see stats on its Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display screen.

With the help of sensors in the Fitbit Charge, users can view statistics such as sleep patterns, current step counts, calorie count and the progress for the goals previously set by way of a Bluetooth signal sent between the Fitbit Charge and the user’s phone, where a more detailed summary of the progress made is kept.

Other features of the Fitbit Charge include the option to set an alarm, caller ID when the user’s phone is nearby and the current time, all on the OLED display screen of this Fitbit model.

The wonderful part of this model is that it offers a way for users to track their fitness without actively doing so, and then check in with the OLED display screen when they want to see their progress, or instead, view progress on the Fitbit phone application.

Users can view the time and statistics on the band. (Photo from
Users can view the time and statistics on the band. (Photo from

Other interesting features include the seven-day battery life, the one to two hours it takes to charge the device and the option to change and personalize the wrist band since the “brain” of the Fitbit Charge is approximately the size of a flash drive tip and can be removed from the current band.

One downside of the Fitbit Charge is that it’s expensive, with prices ranging from $100, as seen at Target and Walmart, to $130 at stores like Best Buy and the Fitbit company itself, but it is still one of the less expensive models. Other negative features include the bulkiness of this model’s wristband compared to the Fitbit Flex, which is most noticeable on small wrists; as well as the differences in the way each model is charged, with some requiring the “brain” of the Fitbit to be removed to charge and others allowing a user to plug the charging device directly into the product.

Overall, the Fitbit Charge is a great and resourceful product that allows busy people to manage their fitness efforts without much effort, as long as the product is charged and worn. This product is perfect for someone looking for a Fitbit with more features than the standard Fitbit Flex, but not willing to pay the prices of the newer and more expensive models on the market.