Spotlight: Shira Concool

Shira Concool is a career counselor by day and social justice warrior by night — more like a dedicated social justice activist in her spare time. Concool works part-time at the Office of Career Services as a career counselor and at Goucher College as a mental health counselor.

Shira ConcoolSmall
Shira Concool (Photo courtesy of Gage Markley)

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies at Yale and a Masters of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. Concool is very passionate about equality and has focused her career on working with clients on issues of racial, sexual, gender, ethnic, socioeconomic, national, religious and/or cultural identities.

When Concool is not working, she’s acting; one of her favorite pastimes is taking part in theatrical productions. Her most recent role is in Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” in which she plays several different characters, both male and female. The first showing is on April 1 at the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, and the production will continue through April 24. The play is an original pronunciation production, so the audience can expect to hear Shakespeare in a new way.

Concool truly is a busy bee. If she is not working, then she is volunteering. She has surrounded herself with everything she loves, which causes her to project positivity.