Stevenson students react to ‘Dahmer’ series on Netflix


“Dahmer” on Netflix freaked out SU students who watched it.

“I felt nauseous watching it,” Mary Gorman described her initial reaction to one of the most popular, new series to premier on Netflix recently, which is also going viral on social media.  

The fourth-year student is talking about Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The Netflix series presents the life of Jeffrey Dahmer, who is played by Evan Peters, who portrays one of America’s most notorious serial killers.  

“I do think Evan Peters did a good job. He was very creepy and awkward,” Gorman added. “I could only watch the first episode because I felt nauseous watching it. It made me feel very uncomfortable and horrified.” 

Due to the Dahmer series receiving heavy recognition on social media, many viewers in fact first found out about the series through Instagram or TikTok, including Gorman herself. “I found out about the Dahmer documentary initially through TikTok.” 

Other students did not need social media to discover the series. Iman Scott learned about the series on her own just by looking for new content to watch.  

“I originally found out about the series by just scrolling on Netflix to find something new to watch,” the fourth-year student said.  

Scott also praised the series for how well it conveyed the true, horrid life of the serial killer, as she described her emotional reaction to it.  

“I was creeped out because the actor seemed very detached and deranged, just like how I expected the real Dahmer to be,” she said. “It was even sometimes where I had to remind myself that it was all just acting.”  

Within its first week of release, the series claimed the #1 spot on Netflix. In addition, within a month it became the second most viewed series of all time on the platform.  

You can watch Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix here: