Stevenson alum recounts his time in the NFL and MLB during annual Shapiro-Rouse Lecture


Will Beatson speaks at the annual Shapiro-Rouse Lecture on Monday in Rockland Hall. Beatson, a sports marketing executive for the Baltimore Ravens, was the guest of the Business Communication Department.

Stevenson students should take advantage of the resources and support the university offers because there has never been a better time to be a college graduate than now, Stevenson University alumnus and business developer for the Baltimore Ravens William Beatson III said Monday night.  

“You have resources in this room and on this campus that I had, that I have a lot of confidence in,” Beatson said as featured guest for the annual Shapiro-Rouse Lecture at Rockland Hall.  

Beatson said Stevenson students are exposed to resources and connections that not every school can provide. A graduate with a degree in Business Communication, Beatson knows what it’s like to be a college student with unrealistic expectations of “the real world.” 

Beatson is the youngest of seven children. He grew up around sports and played them his entire life. One of Beatson’s brothers worked for two NFL teams. As the last child, Beatson is working for the Baltimore Ravens doing what he loves — sports marketing.  

Beatson’s journey was not linear, and it was not easy.  

After starting with the Ravens as an intern, Beatson moved on to work in baseball with the New York Yankees in New York. Beatson grew up in the country in the Baltimore exurbs, so moving to the Big Apple was a cultural shock; however, he enjoyed New York more than he thought he would.  

After the Yankees, Will worked at the NFL for three years, Excel Sports Management for another three years, Three Ventures for five years, and then found his way back to the Ravens for the past 10 months.  

One important takeaway from his lecture: students should use the resources that Stevenson provides.  

“Take advantage of the unique resources in class and on this campus. Build your fundamentals and be coachable,” Beatson said.  

Another takeaway: “Be coachable.” 

The Shapiro-Rouse Lecture is an annual event sponsored by the Business Communication Department. This year’s lecture, the dinner preceding, and snacks provided after the event were organized by Stevenson faculty member Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus. About 50 people attended the event, including roughly 30 students interested in sports marketing careers. 

After the lecture, Beatson spoke with several students for approximately 30 minutes, giving advice and answering questions. 

“I found this incredibly beneficial and super interesting because it was really cool to see the full circle moment for him coming here,” said Caleigh Bernota, a junior business communication major and a member of the women’s beach volleyball team. “I really like the example of how his classes played a big role in how he got to where he is now.”