Stevenson’s Association of Black Psychologists aims to liberate the African mind, empower the African character, and enlighten the African Spirit


Community, self-care, opportunities, and best of all – karaoke! Aspiring Black psychologists can find all these things and more in Stevenson’s chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists, Inc. (ABPsi).   

The Association of Black Psychologists club strives to represent a safe space for African/ Black student psychologists. They prioritize your mental health, voice, and career.   

Meetings are a mix of both fun and information. Members can “let their hair down” and reflect on aspects of Black culture and identity. The meetings are discussion-based. Everyone is encouraged to share and respond to each other’s experiences while also being open to giving and receiving advice. 

“Club meetings tend to be group-like gatherings that are very laid-back and include us reflecting on some aspects of our culture and identity,” said Briana Page, the ABPsi treasurer. “For instance, at one meeting we shared music that reminded us of different times in our lives that may or may not have been transformative.” 

By creating an environment where members can share their personal experiences with each other, students are able to relate, converse, and promote a judgment-free zone. People who attend ABPsi events see the genuineness created in these meetings.   

Q&A Panel with Black Social Workers and Therapists

“Club events are fun and a great way to get to know other members from different clubs,” club member Jesse Adejoh said. “They consist of karaoke and self-care nights!” 

On Feb. 9, Lucine Kamara led Karaoke Night on behalf of the Association of Black Psychologists in the Garrison Coffee House. Stevenson students were excited to display their musical talents on stage while getting to know ABPsi’s e-board and club members.  

It is not a secret that Black people struggle with being accepted and acknowledged. ABPsi makes it a point to create an atmosphere that allows members to be human. It is encouraged to vocalize your emotions, be understanding, and build connections.  

“The events are more to promote a positive atmosphere. The events are facilitated to allow members to relax, let loose and have fun,” said Shiana Allen, the secretary of ABPsi.   

The men’s basketball team attending the ABPsi’s karaoke night

Without a doubt, when joining this club, members will gain a sense of community. ABPsi is filled with people that will look out for you, care about your well-being, and are like-minded.  

“This club promotes connections and community building so members do not feel alone at this time,” said Mide Pecku, the public relations chair of ABPsi.