Stevenson’s African Student Union hosts a cultural showcase event to showcase African cultures


A hub for African American and African students at Stevenson was shown off to Stevenson students Saturday, March 4 with one of the most significant occasions this semester.  

Ebony Woodbury, public relations president of ASU, along with the rest of the E-board planned the Experience Africa event in Rockland Hall to revamp the club after a pandemic-caused halt. 

“ASU was a big club at Stevenson before the pandemic, but because of the pandemic. it slowed down a bit,” Woodbury said. 

“Me and eight other members of the E-board revamped the club to show off the presence on campus, we noticed at other schools like Towson or Morgan State, their ASUs held showcases where they demonstrate African culture,” Woodbury said. “So, we wanted to do the same thing here at Stevenson.” 

“The E-Board and I have been planning this event since November. It was a stressful experience with planning with getting different organizations from different schools coming to campus,” Woodbury said. 

ASU’s mission statement reads: “ASU (African Student Union) strives to strengthen and grow diversity on campus by showing African culture and educating others.” 

The ticketed event sold out prior to its start. Performers included Stevenson’s African Student Union, Stevenson Allure models, and African student unions from three different universities — Morgan State, UMBC, and Towson. 

“The event was a success, displaying different cultures while also incorporating modern cultures such as Baltimore city culture and Prince George’s County culture,” said Autumn Davis, a fourth-year student from Stevenson University. 

Third-year student Gemali Carrera shared a similar reaction to the event last weekend. 

“Seeing different cultures was a beautiful experience, especially when ASUs (African Student Union) from the other schools were performing and showing off their talent and culture,” Carrera said.