Students experience Light City festival

On April 1, the Faculty in the Halls at Stevenson University took a group of over 50 first-year and second-year students to experience the Light City Baltimore festival.

One of the light exhibits at the festival. (Photo from Google Images)
One of the light exhibits at the festival. (Photo from Google Images)

Light City Baltimore was the first large-scale international light festival in the United States. The festival lasted from March 28 to April 3. According to, the event provided “a backdrop for the celebration of ideas, ingenuity and creativity through art, music and innovation.” Throughout the seven nights of the festival, over 50 exhibitions and art pieces were displayed. Street theatre, musical performances, concerts, and illuminated visual artworks were all featured and for free of charge.


The trip was sponsored by Sharon Markley, the vice president of public affairs and strategy, as a way to involve Stevenson students in the Baltimore urban community and as a visible sign of Stevenson’s support of the initiative.

Students working at the Eastern Communication Association conference escorted other students through the exhibits. (Photo courtesy of Emily Rosenthal)

Once the students arrived downtown, they were met and escorted through the exhibits by a team of business communication students working at the Eastern Communication Association convention. Their neon green t-shirts served as markers of the SU presence at the event.

Laurel Moody, one of the Faculty in the Halls mentors involved with the trip, commented, “Baltimore is a wonderful city, and with the close proximity to Stevenson University, I always encourage students to take opportunities to visit. The Light City adventure is just another great opportunity to see the culture and artistic talents Baltimore provides to its residents and visitors.”

Markley stated that the Light City event demonstrated that “if you have an idea, it can become reality because that’s really what Light City is. It was two young entrepreneurs’ idea to bring this to Baltimore, and they made it happen. And ultimately I think when the students get back on the bus to return to Stevenson, they are going to be energized; and not only that, they’re going to feel a real connection to Baltimore.”

Unfortunately, rain and windy weather conditions didn’t allow the students to see all of the exhibits, but the weather did not dampen the spirit of the evening. Moody said, “Many students shared that they were excited to get out of the dorm for the evening and hoped for an opportunity for a return trip in the future.”