Professor takes residency to focus on film

Professor takes residency to focus on film

One of Stevenson University’s film professors recently traveled to California for a week-long script writing residency at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula, CA.

View from Fiasconaro’s room in Temecula. (Photo by Dina Fiasconaro)

Not only has Dina Fiasconaro, associate professor of film and video, directed and produced films including her most recent, “Moms and Meds,” but she also enjoys working in another art form – – script writing.

Fiasconaro explained, “I don’t write to be read, but instead to be viewed on the screen.” She added, “The Hollywood thing was never for me. I’m more in the realm of independent film making.” Though Fiasconaro’s trip to California was not the first time she worked in script writing, it was one of her most memorable, she said.

The writer/producer/director explained that she had an idea for a film for about five years, and though she had written the first act, she was unable to get the rest of it finished.

Fiasconaro said that she told herself, “I’m going to commit myself to finishing this script this summer, and I’m going to try to go away and have some peace and quiet.” The application process for the residency was not difficult, and she was well-prepared. A writing sample consisting of a 10-page script was necessary for acceptance, which ensures that all participants are dedicated to their art.

Getting her words out was the most important task during this time, according to Fiasconaro.

“It [the residency] allowed me to focus without any regular distractions,” she said. Though Fiasconaro missed her daily routine of family life, she was thankful that she was able to buckle down and focus on the script. The complexity of character creation, the development of a three-act structure, and comprehensive action descriptions had to be detailed enough for someone to watch with demanded concentration. Fiasconaro made the process seem effortless, and said she would love to experience it again.