Sustainability creates buzz with competition

Sustainability creates buzz with competition

The Center for Environmental Stewardship (CES) invites students to enter its “Put the SU in Sustainability” competition. This contest is targeted to those who are interested in creating a plan to improve the environment.

To be eligible for the competition, contestants must be enrolled as full-time or part-time Stevenson students during the time of the competition, either as commuters or residents.

Students should conduct research by becoming familiar with the purpose of CES and why this initiative for sustainability is essential. Then, they should send their creative solutions to environmental problems via email to [email protected]. Proposals should include ideas that promote civic engagement and volunteerism to keep the environment and community healthy. An optional 60-second or less video can support proposals, which are due by Feb. 10, 2017.  Judges will select five finalists on March 3, 2017.

Brittany Oliver, a CES assistant, said, “I think that [the contest] gets everyone involved, and students can come up with their own ideas to conserve energy, so I’m excited for this event.”

l-r: Brittany Oliver, Bhavneet Athwal, and Diamonique Clark are giving out cookies in exchange for recyclables in the Academic Center cafeteria on Owings Mills north. (Photo from the Stevenson University Center for Environmental Stewardship Facebook page)

After the finalists are announced, they will present their information to the SU community at the Sustainable SU competition in the Rockland banquet hall on March 30, 2017. Finalists will use materials, laptops, and/or tri-fold poster boards to present their ideas to attendees during the reception. They will also be required to give a three- to five-minute presentation which will describe the problem they observed and their proposed solution.

“Because students experience the university in a different way than I do, I want to know what they think would make Stevenson greener and more eco-friendly,” said Dr. Kim Tucker, CES director. She added that any idea is welcome and students do not actually have to participate in their own proposal but simply must present their idea.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries. The top prize is $100; the runner-up will receive $50, and the honorable mention will receive $25. All finalists and their ideas will be featured on the SU portal, the CES Instagram page, and other possible media outlets.

Other important tips: each entry must be creative, whether simple or complex; the proposal must meet needs that have been identified on campus; and the proposal cannot require significant financial input from the university. For more information about the Center for Environmental Stewardship, visit