E-sports offer alternative for gamers

E-sports offer alternative for gamers

After a year’s worth of work, online video gaming will soon become an actual club sport at Stevenson University.

(Image from images.eurogamer.net)

Tyler Price, a tech intern in the Admissions office, began over a year ago to start the process of creating a team. Their group started out as a few friends who just enjoyed a game called League of Legends, but once they realized there were more students on campus who enjoyed the same thing as they did, they decided to try to make it an official Stevenson team.

“I wanted to help the IS department and major get better and show students the interesting side of computers and games-related activity. I wanted to prove it isn’t just a lazy waste of time like some people think it is.”

Price explained that they joined an online tournament called ‘College Star League,’ and later decided after that point to contact someone about making this official.

Price added that he has reached out to area businesses in search of a partnership and said that is going well.

To join the club, players must get in contact with Price who will then review their League of Legends account. Price explained that “99.9 percent of people will be allowed to join.”

Those who want to join the e-sports team must pay a $100 fee per semester as all club sports do.  Members will compete in national League of Legends tournaments in the university’s game room.

Look for this sport at Stevenson University very soon.