SU ENACTUS helps business efforts

(Photo from Stevenson University Enactus Facebook)

(Photo from Stevenson University Enactus Facebook)

ENACTUS, Entrepreneurial Action for Us, is a global nonprofit innovation organization that develops a community of student, academic, and business leaders to help people, organizations, and countries who need to find new ways of finding success.

Members of ENACTUS participate in business competitions as part of the learning process. (Photo courtesy of Adrianna Kamosa)

The entrepreneurial organization began as a world-wide effort to aid and maintain certain places around the world that are struggling to get their needs met. Started in 1975, ENACTUS enables students world-wide to get the hands-on experience they need for future opportunities.

The organization also operates within universities across the world. At Stevenson, a chapter of the organization helps with marketing and enhancing local businesses that are not always flourishing. According to Dr. James Kucher, the faculty advisor of the club and an assistant professor of marketing, ENACTUS is not exactly a business club; rather, it is a non-profit organization that uses the power of innovation for improvement. Stevenson is one of 11 Maryland colleges and universities that sponsors an ENACTUS chapter.

The Stevenson chapter of ENACTUS currently has 29 active students and multiple projects ongoing. The club will compete in a regional competition held in Washington D.C. March 30-31, highlighting their chapter’s progress and demonstrating the innovations that they have worked on over the past few months.

Projects include partnering with the Cool Kids Campaign, an organization that works with the families of children with cancer as well as the children themselves; and developing marketing plans for different local businesses. Typically, each university chapter’s team of ENACTUS members works on community development projects that rely on members’ creativity, ingenuity, and smart business sense to transform through outreach.

ENACTUS enables students who are interested in making a difference in the world use their creativity to help businesses and organizations in need. Members of the club also have the opportunity to get to know the business world at a local level and can use these skills later in life to help with potential job opportunities.

Students who are in the club find it interesting to interact with others who are like-minded and find ENACTUS empowering as they learn about social issues happening around the world and in their own communities.