Comic book hero inspires fans

Logan” is the uncensored third installment of the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” film series. The long-awaited film was released on March 3, and the buzz has not quieted since. Packed with action, “Logan” is not just another comic book movie. The film takes a raw and vulnerable approach to the X-Men series that none have taken before.

“Logan” received an 8.5/10 rating from IMDb and more rave reviews from fans. (Photo from IMDb)

The film is based in 2029, and Logan is working as a chauffeur to make ends meet. To add to his struggle, he is caring for Professor X at a remote location to ensure the professor’s health and safety. This goes well until Logan meets a young mutant girl, Laura, who has abilities similar to his. Logan takes on the burden of protecting her while battling the corporation trying to capture her. The catch is, Logan is no longer the Wolverine that X-Men fans remember; he is sick and aging.

Wolverine fans get to see more of Logan and his story; he has become the guardian and protector of a mutant who reminds him of himself. This familiarity is what fuels Logan’s dissonance. Laura is a tough, independent, moody, and relentless 11-year-old. She has bones protruding out of her fists and supernatural strength. Together, the two fight to protect themselves and each other. With their uncanny abilities, Logan and Laura become an unstoppable team, and Logan soon discovers that Laura is closer to him than he thought.

With an R rating, “Logan” delivers a feeling much different from the previous X-Men movies. Similar to “Deadpool,” “Logan” is more crude and violent in its visuals and dialogue. The concern surrounding the film is that it cannot be seen by younger audiences without proper supervision. Ratings of PG-13 allowed young fans to watch other X-Men films. Now, the content of the film is inappropriate for those under the age of 18. This means that the success of the film depends on its mature audience. However, this fact has neither stopped young fans from seeing the movie nor impacted the film’s success.

The film features actors from previous films, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. It also introduces viewers to young actress Dafne Keen, who plays Laura. Although the film has not yet won or been nominated for any awards, rumors and reviews surrounding the film say it has the potential to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

“Logan” is a riveting and entertaining must-see film still playing in theaters, including the AMC Owings Mills 17.