Women’s group hopes to inspire

A new group on campus is here to help.  Stevenson counselor Rachel Vanatta and the Wellness Center have created a new Women’s Group in order to increase awareness of women’s issues. The group will meet on Fridays from 2-3 p.m. and are hoping for the first meeting to be Friday, Oct. 13, Vanatta said.

Vanatta said she heard of a student asking for this type of group and wanted to see it through, so she worked to get the group started.

This new group plans to offer assistance to women who are seeking answers to similar issues.

“This group is for women to talk to other women about issues that they all have…issues such as romantic relationships, self-esteem, and identity issues,” said Vanatta. While there are different clubs on campus such as W.O.R.T.H. and the sororities to examine these issues, Vanatta is confident that this new group will stand out since all information discussed is kept completely confidential. This confidentiality and the size of the group will distinguish it from other clubs. Vanatta explained that this group is intended to be more therapeutic rather than just a venting session.

The counselor does not have any fears about this group not becoming something that she wants it to be; she hopes it becomes a setting where people feel safe and comfortable enough to express the issues that they are having. She believes that many women will appreciate the new group and hopes that they will come to the group’s meetings.

For those who have more questions about this group, or want more information, Vanatta says do not hesitate to ask. She can be contacted through campus email.